The Man Behind the Grand Slamming….

Mrs. Hugghins has given this assignment to us because she wants us to learn spanish. I good way to learn is to incorporate technology and fun into it. What good does it do the student to sit around in class all day listening to the teacher teach at you? By doing this assignment, I will use the knowledge I’ve been given about spanish and also add my personal touch.

Nelly Cruz de Dominican Republic. El es jugador de béisbol para Texas Rangers. El tiene treinta y uno. Nelly Cruz es muy furte. Cruz es muy ordenado.  Nelly Cruz es Senora Hugghins sombra favorita.


The Birth of My Voki

Before the birth of my Voki, I visited the Voki website. I gave the site my email address and my name.  Soon after, I receive an email from Voki informing me that my account had been created. Once it was created, I began working on the birth of the most glorious Voki ever scene by mankind. First, I picked out the body of my Voki: a monkey. Second, I gave it clothes: A green hat and a white hoodie. Third, I gave my Voki a place to live: a men’s bathroom. This process of birthing took more than just a day. It took three days before my baby (Voki) was alive. Saturday, the final day, I gave him a voice out of my own voice via cellphone. I told the Voki what to say. Since then, he has been the best Voki a person could have.

There are many reasons as to why I liked making my Voki. One is because it was a change of pace from learning Spanish. I enjoyed it because I got to converse with my friends as I made it. It really let me put my personal touch on my work, for a change. Unlike classwork, I was the one doing to customizing. And, being a control freak, I very much enjoyed that. All said and done, it was all around fun and different.. two things that I like.

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